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Welcome to the Geriambiance Wiki. This site was created to document the progress of the Geriambiance project, which aims to bring intelligent, responsive bathroom appliances to the elderly.

We are designing a system that incorporates a number of emerging technologies to create an easy to use bathroom setting. Utilising the Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor, an individual becomes  trackable throughout the bathroom. Certain gestures, as well as moving into different zones in the bathroom allow the user to interact with their appliances and bathroom fittings in a way never before possible. Imagine walking up to the toilet and it recognises how tall you are, and quickly adjusts itself to better suit your size, making it easier to sit down and stand up.


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Kinect Movement System

Bathroom Designs

Intellectual Property

Kinect Interactivity

Kinect Interactivity Development

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Group Members

  Steven Best (leader)

Matthew Kruik

Jing Liu (Laura)

Dan Zhang (Dan)

Siyan Li (Allen)

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